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Putting Health in Order

"Lung Care from Redd Remedies is amazing. I can not only make it through a conversation, but I can make it through my entire day! My lungs feel supported and I have energy."
—Monika B., Nanuet, NY

"My child needed seasonal support. We started using Children's Sinus Support and were amazed at how quickly it worked. The best part is that she had no side effects like brain-fog or feeling tired. I would recommend this product to any mother."
—Catherine L., Murfreesboro, TN

"I used Sinus Support for children to help my childs ear problems and stuffiness. Within a month she was 100% better. I am so excited that I have finally found an effective, natural remedy for my children in chewable form!"
—Marsia Y., Charlotte, NC

"I have been taking medicines for years. After trying Redd Remedies all natural health supplements, I will never go back to using these ever again. At Ease helped keep me focused and improved my concentration as well as left me feeling clear headed. I love the fact that I can take a vegetarian and gluten free supplement that has such a wonderful effect! I highly recommend Redd Remedies and their natural approach to health issues."
—Lindsey H., San Diego, CA

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Sinus Products


Adult Sinus™

Price: $34.99


Children's Sinus™ 60 Chewable

Price: $18.99


SinuZyme™ 40 Capsules

Price: $24.99


Throat & Bronchial Syrup™ Berry

Price: $19.99


Throat & Bronchial Syrup™ Honey

Price: $19.99


Throat Drop - Cherry

Price: $5.99


Throat Drop - Cool Mint

Price: $5.99

Sinus_Diffuser (117x160).jpg

Seasonal Sinus Support Travel Diffuser™

Price: $6.99

Sinus Health Kit 107 x 160.jpg

Sinus Health Travel Kit

Price: $17.49